Lead Replacement Requests

Please Review Our Policies Prior to Submitting Requests

Lead Replacement Policy 

You may reject a lead and submit a request for a replacement within 48-hours of receiving the lead if: (1) Both lead contact phone number is not in service AND email is unreachable; (2) lead is outside of the selected state(s) requested at time of purchase; (3) lead provided fictitious name (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc); (4) lead does not speak english; (5) lead is over the age of 85.

All lead replacement requests must be submitted via our dedicated “Submit Lead Replacement Request” form. Once we receive your request, we may use a combination of automated and manual checks to verify the return reason. This may include contacting the lead to verify the reason you provide. If we accept your replacement request, we will deliver the lead replacement within 5 business days to the original Google Spreadsheet.

You will not be able to replace any leads if your return rate (“Return Rate”) exceeds twenty percent (20%) over a rolling 14-day period. The Return Rate is calculated based upon the amount of leads returned by you divided by the amount of leads you have purchased. If you have met this twenty percent (20%) threshold, you will be notified when you attempt to make a return. During this attempt, you will not be able to return any more leads until you purchase more leads to lower the Return Rate below the twenty percent (20%) threshold. 

Speakeasy Leads shall not be held responsible for leads who don’t answer their phone or calls going straight to voicemail.

We do not offer replacement leads for any other reason.

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By clicking Submit Request, you agree to Speakeasy Leads Replacement Policy and Terms of Service. You authorize any/all lead(s) submitted are in accordance to Speakeasy Leads Replacement Policy. Fraudulent submissions may result in an automatic decline for any/all lead replacement requests in addition to a temporary and/or permanent ban from the Speakeasy Leads platform. All lead replacement requests are subject to approval by an authorized Speakeasy Leads Representative pending review.

*Buyer Fraud: We make necessary events to ensure fraud prevention. Therefore, if we believe that any agent is committing or attempting to commit buyer fraud, this is considered illegal and we may take legal actions against such an agent. Every agent is expected follow all laws against fraud and is expected to not violate any relevant law against buyer fraud such as the Act against Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention, as well as other federal, state and local laws, and regulations governing the sales of leads.