Aged Life Insurance Leads

Order Details

Delivery Method: Google Spreadsheet
Age of Leads: 0-45 Days
Exclusivity: Non-Exclusive
Compliance: TCPA / FCC 1:1
Turnaround Time: Receive Full Order within 24-Hours
Geography: Statewide Only
Guarantee: Backed by our Replacement Policy
Verified Contact Info: Full Name / Phone Number / Email / DOB / Full Address

*Optional: Combine up to 5 states per order – Select on next page at checkout.



How do you generate your leads?
Leads are generated from paid ad campaigns on Google, Meta, and a network of partner websites targeting life insurance prospects. Using proprietary software to increase organic traffic, leads are created when consumers click on our ads and fill out a contact form. These leads are then delivered to you in real-time.

Can I choose a specific area/zip code to receive leads from?
To provide adequate volume and a lightening fast turnaround time, our leads are only available statewide.

Can I select multiple states when I order?
Absolutely. You may select up to 5 states per order.

Are these leads sold to other agents?
All Aged Leads are non-exclusive never sold to more than 2 agents.

Are these leads verified?
All leads generated are verified for accurate contact info and TCPA/FCC 1:1 compliant. Each lead has opted-in and provided consent to be contacted by you.

What do the ads say?
To ensure fast fulfillment, we run multiple ads and websites simultaneously. These ads promote general life insurance insurance with simplified underwriting, no medical exams, and no waiting periods.
Interested prospects are redirected to a landing page where they enter basic demographic information to receive a quote and consent to be contacted by a licensed agent

How will I receive the leads?
We process orders on a first-come, first-served basis and aim to set up each campaign quickly. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive a secondary email including your order delivered in full once all leads have been collected.
*Orders placed after 5 pm CST will be processed the next business day.

What’s the best method to work the leads?
Speed is Key
Each lead is like a shopper exploring products. Just as in-store shoppers try on several shirts, online consumers fill out multiple forms. Being the first to call builds trust and provides prompt information. Aim to contact leads within 5 minutes for the best results.
Be Persistent
People often avoid answering unknown numbers, so multiple attempts may be needed. It can take up to 12 touch-points to reach an inbound lead. Use voicemails, texts, and emails to build rapport. While responses may not be immediate, showing value and being a helpful resource can lead to success over time.

Are your leads protected by a return/refund policy?
Leads may be submitted for a replacement for the following reasons:
– Both phone number & email is unreachable (disconnected phone/bounced email)
– Lead is not in the requested State(s)
– Lead does not speak English
– Lead used fictitious name (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc.)
– Lead is over the age of 85

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  1. Michelle L

    Great leads to get newly licensed agents started with.

  2. Roy

    Not bad for the price

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